Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ians dogs and some photo Editing

We recently caught up with Ian to help him learn some basic image editing with some photos he liked from the outing to Emerald River the other day.

We gave him a camera and went for a quick walk over to the Jobfind CDEP Training Centre room a block away, he decided to take photos of all the dogs lying around, there was heaps as usual..



Groote_Eylandt_MEDIA_PROJ_PICS 001

Groote_Eylandt_MEDIA_PROJ_PICS 002

Groote_Eylandt_MEDIA_PROJ_PICS 003

Groote_Eylandt_MEDIA_PROJ_PICS 004

Groote_Eylandt_MEDIA_PROJ_PICS 005

On our way we bumped into Sylvester on his way back to the office,
he’s one of Jobfind CDEP’s mentors here on Groote Eylandt.

Ian getting the basic rundown on some easy to learn photo edits, we’ve been using a free program off the internet called Polarfox. It is a brand new, user friendly photo editing app and gives really nice results! Its akin to using Instagram on your desktop.
Perfect for first time users to experiment with, and perfect for this Jobfind CDEP project!
Groote_Eylandt_MEDIA_PROJ_PICS 009

Here’s Ian holding up just some of his edits he printed out, below this picture you can see the before and after effects and filters he put on them himself. We’re aiming to get more feedback and shift into some more meaningful photos when we can, along with some commentary from participants as we work alongside them.
Ian was pretty happy with his results, he couldn’t wait to get home that day and put them on his wall.
Groote_Eylandt_MEDIA_PROJ_PICS 012

Emerald River 102









Emerald River 108


Emerald River 197


Emerald River 202


As you can see the effects Ian used on his chosen photos were mild but effective, a definite improvement on the final result.
nice one Ian!